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Wine Boxes You Understand The Development Of The Packaging Industry Now

Guangjia Packaging Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 24, 2017

     The History of the Box: Packaging box refers to the transport, storage and sale process, that is, the protection of goods and identification, sales more convenient use, that is, the container of specific goods, materials and accessories, etc. are in order not to damage the general term of internal goods. As early as the middle of the 18th century, high-end items of the box, has been formed. Is the purpose of the box, is the most original use, in order to protect the object in transit safety.Wine Boxes
     The earliest packaging box for a commodity is simply a safe box for objects only. At the beginning of 19th century, commodities entered an unprecedentedly prosperous market for wholesale and retail goods. At this point, some low-cost retailers began to adulteration in unpackaged goods! The trader's behavior caused the producers to lose market share quickly. As a result, manufacturers are aware of cheap goods and need packaging to ensure product quality. At that time people had a certain understanding of the packing box. But the purpose of the box is to protect the goods, that is, the first function of packaging. The appearance of packing is single and follows the same pattern.Wine Boxes
    Packaging materials, is now very rich, paper, leather, plastic, metal, glass, wood, ceramics, wild rattan, natural fiber appearance, composite materials such as packaging material, bonding adhesives, paints, printing materials and other ancillary materials. Paper packaging--in our lives is very common, because it is easy to deform, light weight, strong expansion. Therefore, widely used. However, in the promotion of environmental protection today paper packaging is obviously not advocated!     Plastic Packaging-resin as the main ingredient, through the high-temperature stereotypes. Although it is a modern new packaging material. However, the utilization of packaging materials has also increased year by year, in some developed countries have slowly replaced paper boxes.Wine Boxes
    Wood Packaging-the characteristics of natural materials, a little treatment can be used. Usually divided into two kinds of cork and hardwood, just like paper from the environmental protection point of view, the analysis of wood packaging material is not suitable for mass production. Metal material--originated from 100 years ago, 1809 of the French invented canned food, 1841, the British invented the horse mouth iron cans. This creates a modern history of metal packaging. Metal packaging is expensive because of the complexity of processing. The usage rate is not very high. Glass materials--the characteristics of glass texture is hard and crisp, transparent, easy to process! However, the application of the damage is not easy!Wine Boxes
    The masses-the goods should have their own customers, and efforts to expand consumer groups, so that products more suitable for market. Packaging designers with the masses, so that their works, they should seriously for the sake of consumers, so that consumers better use of goods packaging, better for the consumer service. It is very important to find ways to attract consumer groups. Wine Boxes
    Expanding consumer groups can only lead to better market efficiency. Sales-a consumer does not use the value of goods is not the market and consumer recognition. Only consumers need products into the market, can say, market competition. This is the consumer. However, the products of manufacturers are not necessarily consumers ' knowledge and understanding. That is to say we want to advertise and promote. Therefore, the packaging of goods must display sales, the performance of goods and characteristics of publicity, arouse consumer interest. Let consumers interested in goods, attract consumers attention, so that consumers buy goods desire, increase.Wine Boxes
    Culture-packaging now not only to consider the consumer's material needs, but also to consider the needs of consumers psychology. In the packaging design should reflect the culture, so that the packaging exudes a certain cultural atmosphere, has a certain social impact.Wine Boxes

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