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Wine Boxes Package

Guangjia Packaging Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 02, 2017

  In order to allow consumers to have a pleasant tasting experience, wine boxes are usually accompanied by some small tools. As a wine lovers, how can you not know these gadgets?Wine Boxes

1, pouring wine, also known as wine or wine guide wine. In the process of pouring wine, the use of inverted wine can prevent the wine from the bottle side of the leakage or spilled out, easy to control the amount of wine. Wine is particularly precious, with this inverted wine, no longer have to worry about wasting a drop of wine.

    2, hippocampus knife is a wine bottle opener, because easy to carry, easy to use, also known as "the waiter's friend." This can be folded by the main tool consists of three parts: with a sawtooth knife, screwdriver and as a fulcrum of the wine bottle open. When using the hippocampus to open the wine, first cut the cap with a serrated knife, then screw the screw into the oak, and then pull the stopper with the bottle next to it.Wine Boxes

    3, cut foil knife, as the name suggests, is used to cut the wine bottle of tin foil. The working principle of the foil is similar to that of scissors, and it is stuck in the bottle, and it is possible to quickly cut the foil of the bottle with both sides of the blade.Wine Boxes

    4, only drop ring, also known as wine ring, the role of similar to the wine, the outer layer is a circle of stainless steel or coated aluminum, the side of some flannel wrapped sponge, some flannel wrapped polyester cotton. In the bottle after pouring wine, the only drop ring set in the bottleneck, the side of the sponge can be absorbed when the wine residue in the bottle of wine drops, so as not to leave the wine drop wine label or wallpaper.

    Series of red wine packaging design refers to a unified trademark logo and text font as a prerequisite to different tones, watermarks or different shapes of the structure as the keynote, carried out by the same category of red wine packaging design, requirements are different from the same , Both diversified, but also the overall sense of wine packaging design.

    Series of design can be divided into two cases: First, the same brand, different functions of the wine set of red wine package, to maintain the overall design style, the use of larger containers of these red wine collection, as a sales unit for the overall sales , To facilitate the purchase of consumers, while the overall price is lower than the total purchase of the total price of red wine. Second, the same brand, the same main function, but different auxiliary functions of a series of red wine, or the same brand, the same function, but different recipes of a series of red wine, such as a variety of brands of wine, its taste, different types, in the packaging Designed to be a series of design.

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