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Watch Boxes Knowledge And Maintenance

Guangjia Packaging Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 05, 2017

             Table Box-The name of the box is specifically used to store watches, the table box has a lot of styles and different materials of the table box, but also according to the level of the watch to design. box, a lot of people are very pursuit, perhaps this is the improvement of people's living standards, not only to protect watches, but also the phenomenon is not to buy the name table, using a brand-name box, this is a fashion trend. Watch box can improve the image of watches, but also to improve their own taste.Watch Boxes

             Table box giant Guangzhou wen Bo Industry co., Ltd. Zhu said: "In the future, as people's concept of time is getting stronger, the use of watches will be more and more people, but is not the name brand this dare not say, but many people on their watches are fondle admiringly, watch very easy to produce feelings, very protective watch, so will buy a table box to hold the watch, the maximum protection watch. What do you need to pay attention to when using a table box everyday? How to maintain?

             1, the table box must not fall, this can easily cause closed imbalance 2, close the time as possible as delicate, because this is a fragile items 3, open the time also need to be gentle, if too hard, it is likely to be called out of the watch also 4, when the hands moist best do not touch the table box, especially after washing clothes.Watch Boxes

            Maintenance 1, the best time to clean only with water 2, the box of the surface layer must be protected 3, the box in the face layer once loose, it is recommended to add some cotton material to ensure that the compaction 4, usually placed in the rough place.Watch Boxes

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