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Watch Boxes Double Packing

Guangjia Packaging Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 15, 2017

Watch box eight different ways:

Watch Boxes The first type: watches and Clocks, and also the most low-grade. Generally used is the white Paper jam, or ash cardboard, as well as Kraft paper. To the card box, or the form of the color box, to the watch for simple packaging. Slightly asked, will be printed on the surface of the box of watches with the pattern of the manufacturer. For packaging, no special requirements, the cost of packaging, usually the minimum requirements, do not seek packaging quality. Do not have the promotional function of the box!

Watch Boxes The second: The general use of pit box, pit box and card tray compared to the advantage is that the pressure can be stronger, at the same time, slightly damp-proof function. In the case of the case of a pit watch box packaging, the general is a four-color printed surface paper and pit box mounted, made out of the color box. Of course, there are also some cost-saving watches factory, directly with the pit bin, do not print. Or say, simple silk screen.

Watch Boxes The third type: General Watch box, plastic box. In the plastic watch box, there are two kinds. One is a pure plastic box, directly in the plastic box to paint silk screen printing text and pattern. The second is, on the basis of plastic box, outsourcing a layer of special paper, or four-color printing of color coated paper, and a pu leather bags, also known as wrapping gift boxes. The conventional watches shop sells watches that are mostly packed in such boxes.

Watch Boxes The fourth kind: the Gift box with cardboard as the main material. Such a watch box, generally speaking, is a professional manufacturer, or institution and gift company. Customized to be a gift, watch box! Cardboard Watch box is divided into: Outsourcing Special paper gift box, as well as outsourcing printing paper gift boxes, and a gift box is outsourced PU leather.

Watch Boxes The fifth type: This style of packaging, generally go to high-end market, or say foreign exports more. Its material is mainly wooden, commonly known as wooden watch box, or wooden watch box. Wooden Watch box, also divided into MDF wooden box, wooden box. In the MDF wooden box, and also divided into MDF bag PU leather high-end gift box. There is a medium fiber plate as the backbone of the material, outsourcing four-color color printing paper gift boxes. Of course, there are a lot of watches manufacturers, will be asked to our packaging factory, direct use of MDF-based materials, spray paint into wooden boxes, such as some will paste a layer of imitation wood paper.

Watch Boxes Sixth type: Originally can be put in the fifth, but, this section of the Watch box, go are genuine high-end professional market, the price is relatively expensive, the cost difference is very far, so specially separated. The Watch box for this section is solid wood. and the variety of solid wood: Manchurian Ash, Northeast Yu, Liu An, Camphor Wood, linden, Birch, wood, teak, beech, cherry, rosewood, cypress, yew, red pine, oak, yellow pineapple, walnut, wood, rosewood, redwood, wood, mahogany, wild wood, Chinese toon, wild jujube trees, etc. Solid wood box is generally used PU paint, in gloss, solid wood box can be divided into: light solid wood box, matte solid wood box. The general foreign go high-end watches market, the use of watches box, the use of the piano lacquer craft of solid wood box. Piano Lacquer wooden box surface gloss should be brighter, the visual effect is better, at the same time, not easy for years to change color. Moreover, the hardness of the piano lacquer is better than ordinary paint.

Watch Boxes The seventh kind: is the kind of four transparent packing box, generally is the demonstration uses, the material is acrylic. Commonly known as acrylic watches box, the most important feature is transparent, can be very good display of the appearance of watches, so that consumers, easy to watch the style of watches, watches color. The visual effect is very good!

Watch Boxes Eighth type: Duplex packaging, generally used is a gift box, outsourcing a paper card box. There are also some high-grade wooden boxes, outside of a four-color printed box. Generally speaking, duplex packaging of Watches box, are in the high-end market, relatively speaking, the cost of packaging higher. The packaging color, packaging style, and packaging quality, have specific requirements and parameters.

Watch Boxes This watch box of eight practices, different materials and crafts, walking is different market interface, the cost of packaging box is also different. Low-grade market packaging box, packaging has no quality requirements, the lowest cost of packaging products. And take the high-end boutique market watches box, the cost is the highest, quality requirements are the strictest.

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