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Time Interval Maintenance Of Watch Boxes

Guangjia Packaging Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 03, 2017

It is recommended that every two should do the corresponding maintenance, replacement of waterproof components, detection time performance and movement power consumption, cleaning the movement, as well as the maintenance of appearance, such a maintenance service will effectively extend the use of your watch.Watch Boxes 

When wearing a watch, the sweat on the hand is corrosive to the case, steel case because it is Ni-cr alloy, corrosion resistance, steel case is copper, long contact with sweat, easy to corrode, should often use soft cloth wipe sweat or cushion on plastic sheet to prevent it from being eroded by sweat.Watch Boxes

Long-term storage of watches should be clockwork once a month, the automatic movement of the watch should be gently swinging back and forth for a few minutes or wear on the wrist for a period of time to make it automatically wound up. So that the parts will not be in the static state for a long time to ensure the operation performance of the table machine. Ordinary manipulator Watch by the tide, can be dry cotton pressure on the watch, and then with 40 watt light bulb bake for 5 minutes, the table moisture can be all evaporated out.Watch Boxes 

If the quartz electronic watch is wet, it is advisable to have a few small pieces of calcium chloride, wrap it with gauze, then turn on the electronic watch, and put the calcium chloride and the electronic watch together into an airtight plastic bag or glass bottle, sealed. Generally 3 hours or so to remove the tide, so that the electronic table back to normal. For the severely damp watch, the time of absorbing the tide can be prolonged appropriately.Watch Boxes

Wear a watch to sleep on the wrist, if the watch is luminous, it will adversely affect the body. This is because the luminous of the pointer and the dial on the luminescent material, mainly radium and zinc sulfide mixture, radium emitting rays can stimulate zinc sulfide crystal glow, sleep, if wearing a table, the body will be 8-9 hours of radium radiation, the human body has some harm. Therefore, before going to bed, it is best to take down the luminous and put it on the table.Watch Boxes

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