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The Main Material Of The Watch Box

Guangjia Packaging Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 02, 2017

    Now mainly to explain to everyone is the classification of the watch box material.Watch Boxes

    The poor than the car, the rich than the table Watch as a top luxury, has long been for all successful personnel and office white-collar love, with the popularity of smart watches, children and the elderly watches to get popular. That these watches should be how specific with the packaging? Today, I first give you explain the same shape of the box box.

    Today, starting from the main material to analyze the type of watch box, the box is generally divided into box, carton, crystal box, plastic box, wood embryo box and spray box. But the watch is a luxury category, so the general will be a very low-end box, so the basic box will not be used to install the watch, from the main material from low to high to introduce.

    The most low-end should belong to a transparent watch box, but the crystal box is generally environmentally friendly, different shapes and good control, generally widely used in foreign children's watch market.

    Followed by cardboard watch box, also known as watch packaging cartons, watch the biggest feature of the box is the size can easily tune, environmental protection, but overall low side, mainly for some low-grade watches and some of the requirements must be environmentally friendly part foreign market.Watch Boxes

    Generally used most of the plastic watch box, the main material for the plastic embryo, the outside will generally pack a layer of paper or PU leather, the cost is partial, grade is in the upper, Guanghui for the watch market. You can design a simple and generous, you can also design luxury. The only drawback is that there must first be a mold that has a size limit.

    And then is the high-end wood embryo watch box, the same can be wrapped in paper and PU leather, relative to the plastic embryo box, mainly to meet the customer want to have any size, but the cost is much more expensive than the plastic watch box. The general number of customers will choose the number of open plastic embryo mold, and not directly made of wood embryo watch box.Watch Boxes

   Finally, the introduction of the paint box, from the main material point of view is the most high-end watch box style, but the cost is far higher than other models, the current market demand is not much.

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