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The Development And Progress Of The Packaging Design Of The Watch Boxes

Guangjia Packaging Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 16, 2017

China's Watch packaging design has made great progress, watch packaging design market presents two characteristics: first, high-end watch packaging is very focused on the combination of the quality of the watch itself, packaging design focus on the embodiment of the brand, highlighting the solemn, atmospheric style, is ordinary watch packaging generally pay attention to fashionable novelty, beautiful color, Can impress the customers. But at the same time we should see that our country watches the packing design still has the material quality is poor, the craft level is low, the design is similar and so on the question, many watches still adopt the pattern obsolete carton, the plastic box packing, the color, the style onefold, obviously does not adapt to our country watch industry rapid development present situation, therefore in the creative industry China's watch packaging should be based on its own culture, learning modestly, learn from foreign advanced packaging technology and methods, in creative design and environmental issues more effort.Watch Boxes

In the design of the watch packaging, the product and its consumer group are usually considered as the most important reference factor. For example, watch style elegant, its consumer object is a certain economic strength of middle-aged people, then its packaging generally used simple, generous structure; watch style sports, freedom, consumer objects are mostly young, its packaging structure is generally more novel, fashion, to adapt to the needs of young people to pursue personalized.

Production technology combined. Modern technology is highly developed and mode of production of large-scale, intensive, making the watch packaging structure design is difficult to continue to use the natural imitation and deformation method, but should be based on modern industrial production means, to concise norms, facilitate the production and processing of geometric modeling, explore the aesthetic sense of shape creation.Watch Boxes The new watch packaging structure will bring a good promotional effect to the watch. Design, often combine the effect of modelling with the protection function organically. On the basis of satisfying the function of protection, the promotional function of the packaging capacity is fully demonstrated by the perceptual form of art, so that the packaging structure has the pleasing value. The form of packaging beauty from the shape, color, design, decoration and other factors integrated into. But in many factors, color occupies a pivotal position, the most can arouse the attention of consumers, and give people a deep impression. Psychological studies have shown that the first 20 seconds of observation of the object, the color sensation accounted for 80%, while the body feeling accounted for 20%, 2 minutes after the sense of color 60%, the body feeling accounted for 40%, 5 minutes after each half, and this state will continue. Can be seen, color gives the impression how fast, deep, lasting.Watch Boxes

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