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Pen Holder

Guangjia Packaging Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 21, 2017

                The pen is one of the lipho utensils. For the barrel-shaped container, many for the straight mouth, straight wall, mouth bottom is similar, the shape is relatively simple, no big changes. The generation of pencil-vase has not been tested, the Three Kingdoms Wu Lu "Hairy Poem Plant animals and birds insects fish sparse bollworm Son": "Take the Mulberry bug negative in the wood air, or letters PEN, 7th and the". It is not known whether the pen is today's pen holder. From the products of the Ming Dynasty to see more of the middle and late Qing, tombs unearthed objects, also see song Yuan Pen. Ming long "stationery Elegance": "Xiang Bamboo for it, with rosewood ebony edge inlaid for ya, more than a product." Mingwenzhen Heng "superfluities zhi": "pen, Xiang Bamboo, Shan palmetto Good". So there is a vase for the late Ming thing one said, but the search song anonymous "to the virtual Miscellaneous zu": "Xi of the artful Shibi frame, the name of ' Hu ', the owner of the pen, the name ' Jiu Jong ' all the world without its horse." It seems that the age of pen should be pushed to the Song dynasty at least. Because of the category of cultural history of this department, it is not discussed here.Pen Holder

               Pen is one of the most common pens, generally cylindrical, material variety, can be seen bamboo, wood, porcelain, lacquer, jade, ivory, purple, and so on, is the literati Shu on the permanent thing. In ancient times, pen vase with its artistic individuality and high cultural grade, by the literati's favor. The Ming Dynasty literati Yizun Zun once made "pencil vase Ming", Yun: "On the place of the pen, or on the side or quite, the Jews without Miriam, the tube to bundle, such as the guest home, carefree that rest assured that the innocence." "Pen Holder

               Pen holder is the most important lipho utensil in ancient China except pens, ink, paper and Inkstone, which appeared in the late Ming Dynasty. Because of the convenient use of pen, soon swept the world, still prosperous and not decline.Pen Holder

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