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Limited Edition Desk Accessories With An Unexpected Shape

Guangjia Packaging Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 31, 2017

Focus on the production of local craftsmen and craftsmen produced limited edition products desk accessories. The first desk accessories collection consists of white and wooden desktop accessories, desk accessories are simple and functional, with metal plate bending and wood turning technology.

When you think of the tray, you will think of a flat surface. Wavy Tray's wave surface can be placed in different items, but also can accommodate Pen Pot and Tiny Pot.

V-shaped metal tray placed on the wood surface, Long Tray can also accommodate Pen Pot and Tiny Pot.

Pen Pot can not be flattened - it can be placed in a plane or placed upright on Long Tray or Wavy Tray.

Tiny Pot is a container designed to hold small items.

Table Lamp looks like it is made of a piece of paper, not steel.

Desktop Box is available in two sizes, exactly in line with flat paper and business card size.

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