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Lifting Learning Desk Accessories

Guangjia Packaging Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 09, 2017

             Air spring is a kind of elastic element which can support, buffer, brake, height adjustment and angle adjusting. The basic principle of the gas spring is to fill in the airtight cylinder with a certain pressure of nitrogen and oil, or hydrocarbon mixtures, in order to use the pressure on the piston rod or pistons section to produce thrust or pull, the difference between the gas spring and the mechanical spring is that the force-displacement curve of the former has a very small slope, and the force-displacement curve is basically unchanged in the whole movement stroke. According to the structure and function of the gas spring, the gas spring mainly has the free type gas spring, the self-locking type gas spring, the random hold spring, the traction type gas spring, the damper several kinds.Desk Accessories

            Free Air springs (compressed gas springs) only stretch (without external force, the longest length) and compression (external force is greater than the thrust of the gas spring, the shortest length) of the two States, in the trip can not stop itself, the main supporting role, the type of gas spring constant damping and variable damping two structures. In the automotive, engineering machinery, textile machinery, printing machinery, office furniture and other industries have been widely used. ※ Self-locking air spring (lift can lock gas spring, Angle adjustable can lock the gas spring through its internal valve can lock the gas spring in any position of the stroke, according to the internal structure of the different, the type of gas spring with elastic locking, compression rigid locking, tensile rigid locking, compression stretching two-way rigid locking and other types. Self-locking air spring has the functions of support, height and angle adjustment, and the operation is convenient and flexible, the structure is simple. Therefore, furniture, automobiles and other industries have been widely used.Desk Accessories

            Random hold Spring (balanced gas spring) through its internal special balance valve mechanism, coupled with reasonable external load design, can be the gas spring stop in the stroke of any position, but no additional locking force, its characteristics between the free gas spring and self-locking gas spring. Mainly used in kitchen furniture, medical equipment, electronic products and other industries.Desk Accessories

            The traction gas spring (stretching gas spring) is a special gas spring: Other gas spring in the Free State of the time is in the longest position, that is, after the external force is from the longest position to the shortest position movement, and the Free State of the traction gas spring in the shortest position, by traction from the most shortcomings to the most strength run. The traction gas spring also has the corresponding free type, the self-locking type and so on product. ※ Damper through the piston damping structure can make the damping force with the speed of movement, can be significantly to the speed of the connected mechanism damping effect, the product has a variety of structures for different purposes. In the car, home appliances products are used more.Desk Accessories

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