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Description Of The Pen Holder

Guangjia Packaging Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 03, 2017

Pen, is our desktop one of the most common pens, generally cylindrical, material variety, can be seen bamboo, wood, porcelain, lacquer, jade, ivory, purple, and so on, is the literati Shu on the permanent thing, the shape is relatively simple, no big changes. Some of our common pens are wooden or ceramic, but in life, most of them are recycled, making a bottle or toothpaste box into a simple pen.Pen Holder 

Most will feel: Anyway is a pen tool, practical on the line, the other don't care so much. Indeed, practical, but with 3D printing, we can pursue a little more, enjoy the technology brought about by a different experience, experience a personalized 3D print life. That's not it? With 3D printing, even the basic pen is also playing tricks.Pen Holder

Monochrome but not monotonous. Engraved with Li Bai's "Quiet Night thinking", the ancient style of the texture, with the literati poets of the visual sense. A snow-white, the edge of classical pattern winding, fiery enthusiasm, the volcano's enthusiasm erupted. Three different shapes, different colors give people different feelings of 3D printing monochrome pen, without decoration is as noticeable. Even if it is a double color is not enough to meet the colorful people? That polychromatic series to meet. Different shapes, squares, curling, fangyuan, different tones make the pen become flexible, to get rid of the simple old sense of the previous pen.Pen Holder

In ancient times, pen vase with its artistic individuality and high cultural grade, by the literati's favor. The Ming Dynasty literati Yizun Zun once made "pencil vase Ming", Yun: "On the place of the pen, or on the side or quite, the Jews without Miriam, the tube to bundle, such as the guest home, carefree that rest assured that the innocence." "Thus, the pen can not always casually, there is artistic and unique beauty of the pen will also make people happy." These 3D printing pen, let boring learning office life began to become "restless." The desktop has a variety of shapes, color patterns rich in the pen, is also a kind of enjoyment.Pen Holder

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