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Colorful Jewelry Boxes

Guangjia Packaging Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 24, 2017

     Jewelry Box is the "home" of women's jewelry, a beautiful jewelry box can not only reflect a woman's aesthetic and taste, or urban women carry jewelry, embellishment life taste of the perfect choice. It can be used as a collection of jewelry packaging, but also as a jewelry gift box.Jewelry Boxes
     Jewelry box is no longer to iron, copper, gold, silver and other metal materials in the world, high light paint, wood, leather, resin, cloth, rattan, ceramics and even thick pieces of paper have become the scope of the jewelry box. At present, the popular leather jewelry box in the market is generally divided into crocodile pattern leather jewelry box, plain leather jewelry box, pearl leather jewelry boxes and other categories; wooden jewelry boxes generally selected precious wood, emphasizing the production process, common wooden jewelry box, including mahogany jewelry box, pine jewelry box, oak jewelry box, mahogany jewelry box, ebony jewelry box, as well as from walnut wood made of catalpa wood jewelry box, rattan jewelry box for purely handmade, exquisite small, lightweight and tough, style meaningful and close to nature. Rattan jewelry box is not easy to deform, but also can prevent insects from borers because of its good toughness.Jewelry Boxes
    The mirror dressing, no matter how time flows, is the woman invariable liking. Reporters in the visit to see, a variety of styles of jewelry box dazzling, dazzling. A storefront shop window filled with all kinds of fashion jewelry box, not only the shape of exquisite compact, but also bright color, texture clear and beautiful.
Jewelry box is not only exterior looks beautiful, internal structure is very exquisite, design exquisite jewelry box not only space three-dimensional, but also reasonable layout, can provide for all types of jewelry "rest" place. Mall of a boss Li took out a pieces of pink pu jewelry box, opened, see such as rings, necklaces, nail fixed holes, bracelets, earrings and so can find the appropriate space placed, the storage function is very complete, but also to organize a variety of small messy objects.Jewelry Boxes
    In addition to the layout of the general jewelry box is separated into small pieces of space, there should be a ring pad, butterfly card cover pad, necklace hook, bracelet bag, jewelry bags and mirrors and other structures. The ring Pad is designed to hold and protect the ring, usually consisting of a set of striped flannel sponges, which can also be used to put cufflinks or earrings. The ear nail fixing hole is used for fixing the ear nail type ornament, usually on the clapboard to configure the ear nail hole to fasten the earring, or use the lid position to set the earring shelve bar. The butterfly card covers the mat, usually in a cubicle with a piece of flannel with a butterfly card, used to cover a butterfly card or a necklace for winding a slender shape. Bracelets and necklace hooks are used to fix bracelets and to receive necklaces.Jewelry Boxes
    Jewelry box and jewelry collocation is also optional. Gold jewelry, usually with red, gold or other warm-toned jewelry boxes. Platinum jewelry, the need to match the cold color jewelry box, such as blue, white or pink jewelry box. Jewelry box is also a symbol of women's character, has a suitable style of jewelry box is a lot of women's dream. With the popularity of DIY products, ordinary consumers can also be the designer of jewelry boxes. Jewelry is their own thousand choose to buy back, so they want to make a jewelry box for their own. In fact, every a of the details of life can become a source of creativity, my jewelry box is the use of discarded chocolate boxes and some of the fabric of old clothing produced by their own, style and color is my favorite, and can be based on their own jewelry set in the box layout.Jewelry Boxes

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