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Classification Of Wine Boxes

Guangjia Packaging Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 05, 2017

           A wine box, usually a box containing a bottle of wine. Materials are: wooden box, leather box, metal box and carton. Different shapes, for shock and decoration. Wine box also known as wine box, usually known as wine packaging box or wine box, as the name implies wine (red wine) packaging, the protection of red wine to facilitate transport and storage of the role, at a certain point in favor of wine (red wine) sales.Wine Boxes

           A, wine wooden box (red wine wooden box) usually includes the wood wine box (many uses the material to have pine, paulownia and so on), imitates the Mahogany wine box (uses the material to have the density board and so on), the shape diversification many uses in the middle-grade wine packing.

          Second, wine leather box (red wine box) wine skin box (red wine leather box) Most of the use of PU, PVC and other man-made leather production, leather packaging more suitable for the characteristics of wine, from the capacity can be divided into single, dual-support, four-pack and six-pack.Wine Boxes

           Metal wine box (metal wine box) metal wine box market is less, not widely used, most of aluminum alloy, iron, other alloys produced.

          Four, wine carton (red wine carton) cardboard cartons, corrugated, special paper, and so on, because the raw material is easy to recycle two of paper, modelling can be diversified, convenient for other processes, so wine carton is widely used in wine packaging.Wine Boxes

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