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Brief Introduction Of The Contents Of Pen Holder

Guangjia Packaging Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 16, 2017

Pen Pen is one of the instruments, Lipho supplies, is also a traditional Chinese art. Nowadays, cultural people all love Lipho art boutique, and those who graceful the very rich bookish rhyme old pen, especially cater to the contemporary people's aesthetic taste and life style, but for many Tibetans favored.Pen Holder China's pen craft exquisite, interesting and elegant, aloof and refined. Its material is bamboo, wood, ceramics, but also useful jade, roots, ivory, metal and so on. The shape is cylindrical, straight mouth, straight wall, also has the mouth for plum Blossom, kwai fat, Fangtou, volume book, Plus, six square, quartet, irregular and other different forms. Although the shape change is not big, but the adornment method is richest, has engraved, the inscription, the carving, the painting and so on many kinds of artistic techniques. The artistic conception of bamboo vase is deep and interesting. Wooden vase is quaint and elegant. Porcelain vase is blue and white, multicolored, pastels, blue and white glaze red, brother Kiln porcelain, Longquan porcelain, June kiln porcelain, dazzling, all. Jade, ivory, inlay pen more material and craft see heavy, Seiko Kit Kat, extremely rich charm.Pen Holder From the production and history of the pen, bamboo, wood, ivory, porcelain, purple sand, hundred treasure inlay and other materials of the pen, from the Times style, process characteristics to appreciate and identify the method, respectively, introduced, and in combination with the object, and the role of the vase similar to the article also made a general description; The Ming and Qing dynasties old pen vase market, The collection potentiality and the investment trend have carried on the objective calmly analysis, attempts to the first enters this road and the mature collectors to be able to have the Enlightenment.Pen Holder

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