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About The Use And Precautions Of Tissue Boxes

Guangjia Packaging Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 25, 2017

              The embedding box is a process for embedding material powder or other block structures to provide performance support or chemical protection. It can enhance the quality of treatment of microorganism or cell tissue, and avoid trimming. Embedding is often used in the immobilization of microorganisms, animals and plant cells. The package of different materials is buried in different shapes. If the enzyme is wrapped in a polymer gel such as polyacrylamide gel, it is encased in a lattice type, encapsulated in a nitrocellulose and other semi permeable polymer membrane, and encapsulated into a microcapsule type.Tissue Boxes

              1 the organization block is placed in the one-time embedded box with the organization number, the upper lid (stainless steel) dewatering lid, into the dewatering basket into the dehydration machine or manual dehydration. 2 The bottom mold is deposited in the lower layer of the oven (or on a separate floor). 3 when the package is buried, the stripped tissue and the dewatering basket are also placed inside the same oven with a submerged bottom mold. Open the lid of the dewatering box and place the lid on the side, according to the size of the organization block to choose the embedded bottom mold, with tweezers on the alcohol lamp heating, clip tissue block placed in the bottom of the mold, the overlying tissue dehydration written with the organization block number of one-time embedding box, dumping a little paraffin, not overflow appropriate, less than a moment. 4 Take out the ice box in the freezer, will be buried good wax block, placed in the ice box frozen for a moment about 5 min10 min, winter time is short, summer time longer, the wax block from the bottom of the mold, collect the rest of the wax block, will be buried in the box on both sides of the excess wax removed, you can slice. 5 covered bottom mould and dewatering box cover to be put into the oven spare, and the Dewatering box lid is installed in the dewatering basket, and the wax will be used before the next time with hot water.Tissue Boxes

             This method not only facilitates the preservation of wax blocks, but also saves paraffin wax. (Note: ① One-time package buried box lid on the Dewatering box to form a dehydration box. ② if there is no refrigerator, the newly-embedded wax block and the bottom mold at room temperature for a longer time, forming the wax block can be taken out from the bottom mold.)Tissue Boxes

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