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A Detailed Description Of The Jewelry Boxes

Guangjia Packaging Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 28, 2017

    The manufacture and production of jewelry boxes are based on the invention of jewelry, the interior is generally designed with multiple intervals, to prevent the jewelry contact caused by unnecessary scratches, some jewelry boxes will be based on special shapes and special materials, and in the internal structure of the difference. The main use of jewelry boxes, in order to keep jewelry lasting such as the new appearance effect, to prevent dust and particles in the air to the surface of the jewelry and wear, and also to the favorite jewelry collectors a good space to receive.Jewelry Boxes
    Relatively simple and elegant, suitable for the quality of elegant female use. and the wooden jewelry box material and has the MDF and solid wood, the solid wood is generally divided into mahogany jewelry box, pine jewelry box, oak jewelry box, mahogany jewelry box, ebony jewelry box, the most characteristic is the Catalpa wood products. Catalpa Wood is walnut wood, because of slow growth, its fine pattern, strong texture, representative of the national process such as the foreign-style pine jewelry box often used as a material. MDF, is our so-called composite board, compression board, fibreboard, wood-based panels, board boards, because of the construction process of solid wood is more complex, time-consuming, artificially high, the market on a number of wooden jewelry boxes, are generally used, in the fiber board to create, the surface of solid wood skin, do out of the effect, with solid wood, the layman is very difficult to distinguish out, a certain sense, saving the cost of the box.Jewelry Boxes
    Ring pads are designed to hold and protect your baby rings, usually composed of a set of striped flannel sponges. In addition to the ring, the use of cufflinks or earrings is also a good choice. Ear Nail fixed hole/ear nail Fixed liner is designed to protect your ear nail type of jewelry, usually in the partition on the configuration of ear nail holes to fix earrings, or the use of the box cover position to set the earring bar, and some in the cubicle with a removable pad with ear nail holes. The butterfly card cover mat is usually built in one compartment with a piece of flannel with a butterfly card, used to cover your precious jewelry. A butterfly card can be used only as a hand, or as a tie to wrap your slender necklace, to prevent the casual sliding, or play a layered role, your small jewelry up and down. Watch wrap/Bracelet Wrap pads are dedicated to securing your bracelet or watch. Necklace hooks are specifically designed to protect your necklace and other bracelets, usually in the form of a clasp or hook. The following is usually configured with a dark bag with an elastic opening and a pendant necklace. The cubicle is designed with various sizes and shapes, so that your baby jewelry can be placed separately. Usually slender design for the necklace is prepared, while the square is based on the size of different shades for bracelets, brooches, earrings, hairpins, cufflinks and other jewelry preparation. Make full use of the inner cover or side of the space, effectively expand your jewelry box capacity. You can hide your favorite pearl necklace inside, or hang a whole row of earrings, how to use it to see your preferences.Jewelry Boxes

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