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Wine box-style artists unsigned

Guangjia Packaging Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 21, 2016

4 years ago signed the settlement agreement does not mean that the artist's works in the same company of unauthorized use with any other product. Yesterday morning, the Shanghai second intermediate between the kouzi wine company limited, Anhui and painter Dai Dunbang, against works of authorship, and integrity right, reproduction right, distribution right to dispute the case is final.

"Selena Golden hole"

No Department in the box painter

Court dismissed has cut wine company of appeal requests, maintained has a trial judgment, the judgment requirements the company immediately stop in "Selena gold cut" liquor packaging box Shang, using Dai Dunbang of art works bed and breakfasts deep village, and newspaper on using has Dai Dunbang of art works not Department author name and the violations has author protection works full right a thing, public apologized, compensation Dai Dunbang economic loss Yuan 100,000 yuan.

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