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Guangjia Packaging Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 21, 2016

In 1936, the baoshilong (Boucheron), Goya (Goyard) and the Ritz (Ritz) in Paris, France co-founded "Fang Plaza, costumes and the surrounding" Association (La place Vend ô me, sesatours et sesalentours), square near the excellent brand in association with, the hearts to get power. Association in 1971 and changed its name to "Fang Committee" (Comit é Vend ô me), to inherit and add Fang Plaza unique extraordinary creativity, charming gifts and luxury experience for people with "soul gain" to further improve it in France and the unquestioned influence around the world.

In 2015, the Boucheron baoshilong and Goyard as the leading French aesthetics of two classic brands, decision fusion of their professional skills and history, work together to create an original masterpiece of beautiful, elegant interpretation between the increasingly rich in a time of war.

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