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Dr Zou dialect popular science series bottle wine is produced

Guangjia Packaging Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 21, 2016

Wine materials and processing technology

1, the choice of packaging material

On the choice of packaging materials, paper containers (boxes, paper tubes) is still dominant, wood, plastic, metal, proportional increase than in the past, bamboo, willow, grass and other natural materials are of very little use.

Paper tray has an absolute advantage in the container, according to the different alcoholic grade, material selection there are also differences:

(1) low-grade wine packaging carton

350 grams or more paperboard printed coating (plastic film), die-cut shape. Slightly upscale with 300 grams of white boards on mounted paper card printing, laminating and die-cut shape.

(2) mid-range wine packaging carton

Printing surfaces use aluminum foil for about 250-300 g paper (commonly known as the gold, silver, bronze, etc) and 300 grams of white paper on mounted paper jam, print coated die-cut shape.

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